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Destination Wedding in Italy

castello lago di como


Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons. Celebrate your love with family and friends in a stunning overseas location in a picturesque venue with a team ready to tailor-make your special day. Let your mind run wild with the possibilities and allow our experienced team to assist in making your dreams come true.

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Visitors to Italy are amazed at the number of beautiful historic buildings dotted amongst the never ending natural beauty of the countryside. Italy is world renowned for its gourmet food, locally sourced fresh produce and famous wines. Each region in Italy boasts its own speciality; all are well worth visiting to experience their unique dishes, traditions and vast history. Thanks to this endless variety Italy continues to excite and delight visitors from around the world. It is easy to understand why it is also one of the most popular wedding destination locations. An overseas wedding allows you to create an unforgettable experience and life long memory for the couple as well as the guests.

At The Castello de Rossino the spectacular natural surroundings provide a wonderful backdrop while the historical buildings create a fairy tale atmosphere for the most memorable wedding. Allow our expert staff to assist in incorporating your ideas with our creativity in order to bring to life your dream wedding. Our experienced staff are able to liaise with local vendors and suppliers to seamlessly bring together your ideal wedding. The extensive experience of our staff allows them to anticipate and attend to each and every detail required to deliver your perfect wedding. At The Castello di Rossino we will coordinate all aspects of your wedding, taking care of every detail to create a stress free experience for you. This allows you to enjoy your magical day the way you should by celebrating your love in the best way possible. After your celebrations you can then commence your honeymoon in our beautiful country, setting off to further explore the famous romance of Italy.

Imagine finding yourself in a poetic town surrounded by the most dramatic scenery perched above the most famous Italian lake. Lake Como is surrounded by breathtaking alps, mountains and rustic vineyards. Lake Como has been a popular destination for centuries providing an ideal getaway since Roman times and continues to delight the present day visitor. There are plenty of historic towns and villages close by to explore, each displaying artistic wares, tantalizing cafes and restaurants to sample the local produce. This spectacular, but easily accessible location makes it perfect for travellers to experience this unique part of Italy as well as having the flexibility to continue to see what the rest of Italy has to offer.

Your wedding party and guests will be encapsulated by the castle walls with access to the courtyard, Olive Garden and variety of rooms. After your perfect day spend your evening in the castle tower just steps from your ceremony and reception. Let us make your ideal bespoke wedding experience come true. The castle of Rossino can make your vision a reality; the experienced team are here to work closely with you to create your special day.  This is made possible for overseas couples through many communication options; Email, WhatsApp, Skype, whichever may be most suitable for you. We can manage all details involved, we just require one visit to the castle so we can ensure we meet all your expectations and more. The Castello di Rossino will be exclusively for your party and are able to cater for all events, Civil legal ceremonies, Anglican ceremonies, Catholic ceremonies and Civil unions. The castle contains many rooms and gardens which you are able to utilise for your ceremony, reception and/or party. The rooms are very versatile and flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs and style. The gardens are enchanting and are able to provide a variety of scenes from courtyards, olive trees and panoramic views of the lake. It is also possible for the couple to prepare and dress for the day as well as having the option to stay the night at the top of the castle tower. The castle has everything covered for you, with fantastic food options, entertainment and decorations to suit. We have solid working relationships with our vendors and combined with our amazing venue we are able to provide and maintain consistency in quality and costs. There are many options available for entertainment including bands or DJs and even fireworks if desired. A party at Castello di Rossino is always a unique once in a lifetime experience.

This dream can be created at a much more affordable price than most comparable options in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia while providing a luxury venue with an experienced team delivering an unforgettable experience.  It has never been easier to have a destination wedding so why not inquire today and be one step closer to your perfect wedding.

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