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Is it possible to create a beautiful wedding reception during a pandemic like we have been experiencing since March 2020?

Our location has adhered to all safety measures relating to the health emergency in order to guarantee nice receptions by offering the spouses and their guests a safe and peaceful environment. Precisely for this reason we have adopted the “Historic House Healthsafe” official safety protocol, which guarantees the highest level of protection in full compliance with the health regulations for containment from viral contagion.

In the event that the health emergency prevents our wedding reception from taking place, what are our options?

Although we remain confident that the health emergency will not continue for much longer, we will still give you the opportunity to move your date to an alternate available date, possibly from the same year, without having to pay any additional costs.

If, on the other hand, due to Covid, it is impossible to move to the same year, your wedding can be postponed to the following year by adjusting to its prices and sending a second deposit which will also be deducted from the final balance.

How many rooms does the Castle of Rossino have?

The Castle of Rossino has five rooms. See the photos and floor plans in the interior section.

I plan to get married in winter. Is the Castle open?

Yes, the Castle is open for receptions even in winter because all the rooms are heated.

I will have 120 guests. Is there room for all to participate comfortably?

Yes, no problem. The largest rooms of the Castle of Rossino can accommodate up to 120 people seated. At the Castle it is possible to organise receptions for up to 200 people that can sit in one space outdoors and in two twin rooms inside.

Until what time is it possible to stay at the Castle during the reception?

A municipal law requires us to turn off the music at midnight so as not to disturb our neighbours.

Is it possible to organise a legally recognised civil ceremony at the Castle?

Yes, thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Calolziocorte, it is possible to celebrate legally recognised civil ceremonies at the Castle.

Can Castle staff help us organise the reception?

Yes, Castle staff are happy to help those who request it, to organise the reception, also thanks to a close partnership with long-standing suppliers.

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