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Italian Lake Wedding

castello lago di como



What comes to your mind when you think of romance? Flowers, wine, seductive food, excitement, beautiful scenery, and where can you find all of this? Italy, of course. There is nothing more romantic than the charm of the Mediterranean, the relaxing atmosphere of the Italian lakes nestled among the timeless beauty of the majestic alps.


Due to its multifaceted and diverse cities Italy is the most visited country in Europe and the fifth most visited country in the world. Visitors are astounded by the gorgeous Italian architecture, the breathtaking natural beauty and stunning cultural experiences on offer.

There is something for everyone in Italy. Amazing Italian artists, engineers, architects and inventors have built a country that is rich in culture, history and beauty.  People from around the world come to experience these famous sites and riches of Italy. Did we mention food, it’s not just about pizza and pasta.

Each area in Italy has their own traditional speciality and accompanying specialty wines. Food is an essential part of Italian history and it has a worldwide reputation for fresh gourmet dishes. Visiting Milan is essential, being one of the fashion capitals of the world there are endless shopping experiences with numerous designer boutiques available to explore. Once you’re done with shopping take the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the lakes and alps that are unique to Italy.

The waters of Lake Como are considered to be one of the top reasons to travel to Italy. It’s understandable why with the surrounding mountains, quaint villages and vineyards combined with the dreamy setting of Lake Como, Rossino is one of the favourite locations for destination weddings. The dramatic and magnificent lake creates a picture perfect postcard, an exquisite backdrop to any occasion.


A picture paints a thousand words while memories are lifelong. At The Castello di Rossino you are able to have your dream wedding set in the most scenic location. A photographers’ dream setting will ensure that your photos will bring you the most unforgettable memories of your romantic Italian Lake wedding while creating your most fond memories.

Lake Como is one of the most picturesque and popular wedding locations in the world. This dreamy location is set amongst the foothills of the Alps offering the perfect backdrop to any event or ceremony. Immerse yourself in local surroundings; explore local villages, many of which are well known for their Renaissance architecture. Wander among the colonial villas with their terraces draped with bright, colourful bougainvillea; be amazed at the historical buildings with their elegant ivy-coverings.

Lake Como and its surrounding natural beauty are truly stunning and picture perfect. Within the castle of Rossino a truly magical, fairy-tale atmosphere is easily created. An added bonus is that the Lake Como area boasts of Mediterranean weather conditions. Long, warm summers, without the heat extremities combined with mild winters creates the perfect idyllic wedding destination all year round.


Driving through the rustic village of Rossino you are immersed in romance and as you get closer to The Castello di Rossino the breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Como is revealed. As you pass through the castle gates you are immediately transported back in time by the imposing, grand stone walls surrounding the courtyard and impressive stone tower with touches of lush greenery.

You are welcomed by the warm faces of the castle team who are dedicated and committed to craft your perfect day individualized to your style. The stone path then leads to the Olive garden, airy and peaceful, which overlooks the vineyards, and of course, provides yet another spectacular view of Lake Como. You have a choice of function rooms each with unique finishes available for you to create your personal intimate indoor feel. The castle is exclusively yours for the day allowing you to utilise the castle to suit your wedding party and guests. The castle has the ability to cater for all weather conditions and there is always a contingency plan available.

The vendors we work with have been carefully selected which ensures we are able to provide quality food and wine as well as entertainment if you choose. All our vendors are familiar with our venue and facilities which means a seamless flow for your event. After your celebrations you can walk through the fairy lights scattered through the greenery in the courtyard and ascend to the top of the tower. Spending your first night as a married couple in the most magical setting possible creating an unforgettable memory for you to enjoy forever.


Give your guests the best excuse to experience Lake Como and all that surrounds it with your destination Italian wedding. While you can continue into your honeymoon exploring one of the world’s most beautiful countries for a romantic escape. Come visit and see firsthand the beauty within The Castello di Rossino. The team is here to make this affordable, fairy-tale possible for you.

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