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Lake Como Wedding Planner: choose the perfect location!

wedding planner lago di como

Lake Como Wedding Cerimony Planning: create a spectacular ceremony

Thanks to a breathtaking landscape, to a timeless ambience and to a team of professionals ready to take care of the whole organization of a wedding by Lake Como, the Castle of Rossino is the ideal place to celebrate your wedding.

This medieval manor, that dates back to the thirteenth century, is surrounded by the magical and evocative countryside around Lake Como. The castle also inspired the great Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni, who chose it as the residence of Innominato (the “Nameless”), a character of his novel “The Betrothed”.

Lake Como wedding reception planning

The weeks before a wedding are a time of joys and emotions, but also of stress, anxiety and worries. If you want to avoid panic, you should turn to a wedding planner who can make all your wishes come true.

From the layout to the preparation of the castle halls, from the wedding dress to the menu you wish to offer your guests: a capable professional can help you take all these decisions and many more. It will be the wedding planner for Lake Como, who for years has organized wonderful weddings in the Castle of Rossino, that will guide you through this magical journey.

Lake Como Wedding catering service. For best results, choose the Castle of Rossino

A self-respecting organization must be able to manage and coordinate the various moments of the most important days of your life.

When you celebrate your wedding in the Castle of Rossino, on the shores of Lake Como and halfway between Lecco and Bergamo, you can rely on a qualified catering service that can control and coordinate your day in the best possible way.

Our multi-annual experience on the field makes us capable of coping with any obstacles and limitations, for example because of a sudden patch of bad weather.

Kosher Catering by Lake Como: when preparation and professional competence are essential

On your wedding day nothing should be left to chance, but everything (or almost) should be decided and studied in advance. Especially if the future spouses and their guests have specific requirements.

Observant Jews will want to be certain not only that dairy products and derivatives with meat or fish of any kind are not served, but also that dinnerware is changed appropriately and replaced according to the food to be dished out.

Naturally these rules must be observed even on the day of your wedding, when it is essential that a kosher catering service is both aware of and following these rules.

Kosher cuisine on Lake Como: our wedding menu

The professionals who work in the Castle of Rossino near Milan will offer you comprehensive advice from the wedding menu to the preparation of the table.
They can provide you with a wide range of solutions, suitable for any type of need.

Therefore, even future spouses of Jewish religion do not have to worry, because the staff of the structure is ready to meet the various needs and gather information about the rules and customs of kosher cuisine.

Even those looking for a wedding planner in the Bergamo area or a wedding planner in Monza Brianza or even a wedding planner in the Ticino area will find that the Castle of Rossino, being so close to these locations, offers a complete service, tailored to their requirements. Request information through our website.

Castle for Weddings on Lake Como

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