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Wedding Planner in Lecco along with a stunning location: Castello di Rossino!

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Do you love to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to have an original, unforgettable wedding? A superb option could be celebrating your nuptials during the winter season, choosing a unique location such as a castle.

The perfect place to hold weddings in the Bergamo, Lecco and Monza Brianza area is the majestic, historic Castello di Rossino. Located on Lake Como, it’s an ideal wedding venue even during the coldest months of the year. Immersed in nature, the castle will be surrounded by a snowy landscape that will give your wedding a romantic touch.

Lecco Wedding Cerimony Planning: Take inspiration from their precious advice

With the location’s breathtaking view and intimate atmosphere, wedding planners in the Bergamo, Lecco and Monza Brianza area will bring together a magical wedding in the suggestive halls of Castello di Rossino.

The warmth of the fires in the fireplaces, the delightful flicker of lit candles, the meticulously arranged decorations, the scent of cinnamon and the festive climate will make the most important day of your life utterly perfect.

Wedding catering services in the Bergamo, Lecco and Monza Brianza area will create a magical atmosphere

While planning your wedding ceremony for the winter season in the Bergamo, Lecco and Monza Brianza area, you can also indulge your culinary whims by selecting typically wintertime dishes rarely served on such occasions.

Feast on delicious pureed pumpkin or porcini mushrooms, second courses of meat served with flavorful sauces to then enjoy wedding cake with melted chocolate sauce.

The wedding catering staff at Castello di Rossino will guide and advise you in choosing the most appropriate dishes and decorations, making sure the event doesn’t take on an unpleasant “Christmas effect.”

Castle for Weddings on Lake Como

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