Via Castello 4, 23801 Rossino di Calolziocorte (Lecco)
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The vineyards

A delight for sight and taste.

Castello di Rossino is located in a very popular area, not only for tourism but also for its vines. Entering the Upper Lake one can reach the lakeside town of Domaso, where an ambitious project to restore the local wine allowed to plant an ancient local white grape, the Verdesa, and involve other complementary grape varieties such as Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and Croatina. In this land the terraced vineyards, exposed to the mild climate and ventilated the western shore of Lake Como, produce grapes of recognized quality, which created the white Domasino IGT Terre Lariane, which is characterized by its freshness and delicate floral scents, and the red Domasino IGT Terre Lariane, with a bright ruby ​​color and a pleasant fragrance of red fruit.

Moving even norther, the Alpine region of Valtellina is famous for the variety of Nebbiolo (locally called Chiavennasca), from which wines like Valtellina Superiore DOCG are obtained, thanks to the local Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella. These wines, while maintaining very similar characteristics in their youth, age in a number of different subtle nuances and fragrant bouquet, due to the morphological nature of the land and exposure of the vineyards.

Of great importance, in 2009 throughout the Lake Como in the areas of Como and Lecco, it was the recognition “IGT Terre Lariane”, thanks to the will of companies “for the promotion and protection of IGT wines Terre Lariane. This consortium is still carrying out the work of identification of the land, historical research concerning the places that have already been known in the past for growing grapes, studies of soil, microclimate, air and water, as well as promoting various projects for the development of viticulture of IGT Terre Lariane.

The wine produced from the vineyards of Castello di Rossino has obtained the “IGT Terre Lariane” by the Consortium, thus becoming part of the program to optimize and valorize the area sorrounding Lake Como.

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