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Interior – The rooms

The interior rooms of the Castle of Rossino, completely restored and perfectly accessible – not to mention equipped with advanced technological equipment and air conditioning – have maintained all their medieval charm.

The five rooms can satisfy every need. In fact, they can host weddings, but also company and private events.

Sala della Corte

Rich in atmosphere, consisting of two communicating rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people, the venue is perfect for organising business dinners, private parties and musical evenings for small groups.

It is the “living room” of the Castle; available during Summer in case of rainy weather to create a large lounge area, consisting of an inner part and an outer part, completely sheltered by marquees, where the buffet is organized. In Winter, here is where some aperitivi take place before moving to different rooms.

Corporate and Private events
It is the ideal environment for organising parties and company dinners for up to 40 people or musical evenings for small groups.

Sala Benaglio

Within a large stone pavilion on three floors overlooking Parco della Vigna (Vineyard Park), the hall Sala Benaglio is located above the other two rooms of the same size: Sala Manzoni and Sala Rose. These are the larger spaces, counting up to 200 seats.


Bright room, rich in atmosphere and decorated with a beautiful fireplace and simple medieval frescoes with great appeal. Ideal for seated events in winter or during summer rains.

Corporate and Private events

Ideal for the organisation of buffets, lunches or dinners, as well as meetings with auditorium seating arrangements for conferences or seminars. It is equipped with a video projection screen and a Wi-Fi connection.

Sala Manzoni

The Manzoni hall takes its name from the famous author of the Promessi Sposi, who made this castle famous by making it the home of the Unnamed.
This dining room is located directly below Sala Benaglio, and has the same size of 100 square meters, reaching up to 120 people.

Used for celebrating ceremonies in case of bad weather.
It is perfect for buffets of desserts and hors d’oeuvres during the winter or to extend the seated area during inclement summer weather.

Corporate and Private events
Due to its size, this room can be arranged as a parterre for conferences or seminars, as well as a classroom; it also offers the opportunity to set up different areas dedicated to reception and cloakroom.

Sala della Rosa

Sala della Rosa is located on the ground floor of Padiglione della Vigna (Vineyard Pavilion), just below room Benaglio and Sala Manzoni. It is designed with a large bar counter and long wooden benches on the walls.
Large 90 square meters, it holds up to 70 people.

Used for the final part of the reception, especially in winter, for open bars and dancing. Also ideal for use as a children’s area during receptions.

Corporate and Private events
Of very impressive charm, thanks to its stone floor, Sala della Rosa can be set up for coffee breaks or lunches.

Sala della Volta

Located in the Tower, with a tuff vault, Sala della Volta is intimate, charming, and it can accommodate up to 30/40 people.

Used for the celebration of intimate ceremonies for no more than 30/40 guests, or otherwise suitable for the bonbonnières.

Corporate and Private events
It is a room for smaller meetings, that count up to a maximum of 30/40 persons.

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