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Exterior – Gardens

The cozy gardens and parks of Castello di Rossino offer a breathtaking view, thanks to the terraces overlooking Lake Como.

At sunset the venue transforms into a fairytale castle. The sun sets into the lake and gives way to the warmth of candles and a magical atmosphere.

Panoramic terrace

The panoramic terrace of the Castle of Rossino is a hanging garden that enjoys a spectacular view of Lake Como. It overlooks the vineyard filled with grapes used to make the Castle’s red wine. It’s the welcoming point for any event organised here.

This area is used for the staging of legally recognised religious and civil ceremonies organised at the Castle. When the ceremonies are celebrated in the church, this area is used for the welcoming aperitif so that guests can mingle while enjoying the priceless view of Lake Como. This area can also be used for cutting the cake.

Corporate and private events
It is the area dedicated to the welcome drinks, where guests are introduced and where one can spend time enjoying the extraordinary view of Lake Como.


The courtyard is the heart of the castle, the ancient parade ground. Bordered by historic walls, it is a welcoming, flowery garden full of atmosphere. From the courtyard you can access the two stone rooms of the castle, and in general it is the focal point of every event.

Two of the four main phases of receptions organised at the castle take part in the courtyard: the buffet aperitifs, with islands rich in quality and flavour, and the cake cutting, dessert buffet and dances with enchanting musical entertainment.

Corporate and private events
It’s an area usually used for appetizers and hors d’oeuvres buffet, which can also be available for the accreditation desk or a parterre. In addition, it is ideal for product launch events, in case this would require a stage of particular prestige.

Olive tree garden

The olive tree garden is a green area that overlooks an amphitheatre of thick woods and the southern vineyard where the castle’s rosé wine is produced. Running through the background of this natural panorama is the Adda river, offering a view typical of Leonardo Da Vinci’s frescoes.

The Olive Tree Garden is the ideal place to carry out the seated part of the reception, being a more private and intimate area to fully enjoy the company of your guests. The castle’s open kitchen, situated within a greenhouse structure, looks tactically onto this garden, allowing all the dishes cooked by the Chef to arrive at the tables at the right temperature.

Corporate and Private events
It is the area where usually lunches or dinners are prepared–with table service–or in case of team building activities.

Vineyard park

Historically, the slopes of the hill on which the castle stands have been cultivated with vineyards. In recent years the vineyard has been regenerated by planting new vines of Merlot grapes that allow the production of excellent red and rosé varietal wines, included in the Lariane IGT lands.

It is an area of relaxation and walks for guests during the reception.

Corporate and Private events
It is a space particularly suitable for team building events.

Castle for Weddings on Lake Como

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