If you are planning your wedding in 2024, you certainly have many decisions to make, and one of them concerns the precious wedding favours you will share with your guests. Wedding favours represent a gesture of gratitude and affection towards those who share the most important day of your life with you. Let’s take a look together at the latest trends in the world of wedding favours for 2024.

Local products

In a world where personalisation is the key to making every wedding unique, opting for wedding favours made directly from the venue can be a special and meaningful touch. Imagine sharing with your guests the richness of the place where you will celebrate your love through local and artisanal products. For example, Castello di Rossino offers its newlyweds bottles of red and rosé wine produced directly in the location’s vineyards, so that you not only have a delicious memento, but also a taste of the authenticity of the place where you have chosen to celebrate your wedding. If you want something sweet, local honey from Castello di Rossino could be an equally delicious and symbolic option, representing the sweetness of the union and the prosperity that comes from genuine, local love. With these wedding favours, you are not only giving a piece of your big day, you are also creating an unbreakable bond between your wedding and the place that made it magical.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Concern for the environment is increasingly at the centre of lifestyle choices, and this is also reflected in wedding choices. The 2024 wedding favours are inspired by sustainability, with options such as seeds to plant, biodegradable products or small potted plants. By choosing eco-friendly wedding favours, you can share your love not only with your guests, but also with the planet.

Customisation at its best

Personalisation is the key to making wedding favours truly memorable. In 2024, the trend is towards unique and personalised wedding favours. You could opt for small items with your name and wedding date engraved or printed. Alternatively, consider options such as personalised illustrations, monograms or even small stories depicting your love story.

Unique Experiences

Couples in 2024 are looking to offer their guests more than just an object. Wedding favours are turning into experiences, such as vouchers for massages or wellness treatments, wine tastings, or cooking lessons. Creating an unforgettable experience for your guests is a sure way to leave a lasting impression.

Colour and Creativity

Green light to creativity! Wedding favours for 2024 are dressed in bold colours and innovative designs. You could opt for favours inspired by the latest design trends or that reflect the colour palette of your wedding. From pastel colours to brighter tones, the important thing is that the favours are an extension of your creative vision for the big day.

Refined Packaging

Presentation is everything. In 2024, favour packaging is just as important as the contents. Opt for elegant and refined packaging, perhaps matching your wedding colours. Decorated boxes, silk ribbons and delicate details will turn your favours into small works of art.
In conclusion, 2024 wedding favours are a mix of sustainability, creativity and a personal touch. Choose something that reflects your personality and makes your wedding even more special for you and your loved ones. Whether it is a small seed to plant or an unforgettable experience, your wedding favours will be a tangible sign of your eternal love.